Blogging’s Impact on My Career — and My Life

I blog for a living. I didn’t really set out to make that happen, but a major percentage of my income comes from blogging on other sites. When I started this site, I know I didn’t mean for that to happen.

I started my blog for two purposes: first, I got fed up with the sheer number of writing blogs that were purely touchy-feely — no focus on the money-making aspects of writing. Second, I wanted to create a portfolio of sorts — a place I could send prospective clients to. At that point, I was still considering a ‘real job’ (the kind you have to wear shoes at) and I figured a portfolio would help quite a bit.

But that’s not what I got. Instead, my blog has been a launching point for my freelance business far beyond what I hoped for. I’ve received random requests for work from clients who have stumbled across my website. I’ve landed blogging gigs just on the basis of my writing here. And I’ve been able to network with some amazing people through this blog — and become friends with a lot of those people.

Most importantly, though, this blog has given me the basis to move beyond a simple freelance writing career. My writing is truly becoming a business: I’ve got a few sites I plan to introduce to all of you in the coming weeks. These websites grew out of my efforts to do more than just trade my hours for a paycheck. I’m not the only one, either. I can name off half a dozen people that turned their blogs into a business — Ryan Paugh, who inspired me to write this post, went from blogging to creating a huge community — so, I encourage you to start with your own blog. Start small and see where you can take it: at the very least, your blog can act as a platform for building a bigger career, a bigger business.


  1. Andy   •  

    An inspirational blog post! You writing at Stepcase LifeHack and other places is always something I look forward to reading!

  2. Dina   •  

    I love your blog, Thursday. It’s rare in that it is truly informative.

  3. Chris Cairns   •  

    Nice insights, Thursday. You’ve certainly carved out a great niche for yourself, and opened up a lot of opportunities for expanding your talents into other profitable areas.

  4. thursday   •     Author

    Thank you — I definitely appreciate the fact that y’all read my blog. I know none of this would be possible without other people, especially readers.

  5. Derek Anders   •  

    I too kinda fell into blogging after quitting my last job. I had always been interested in websites and how people make money on the internet so it was kinda good for me to start blogging. Hopefully you can continue to have success with your blog(s)!

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