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PR, Sources and HARO

Because I write for a variety of sites, I receive a lot of pitches for article ideas, reviews and so on. Because of the sheer volume, I’m not always able to respond to all emails. With that in mind, here are a few guidelines that can help make sure that you’re able to bring a story idea to my attention without wasting your time.

  1. If you’re responding to a HARO request I’ve posted, please respond through HARO. I do not look at the rest of my email when I’m looking for a specific type of source.
  2. You’re welcome to note a specific publication that you know I write for, but don’t be surprised if I wind up using material for a different publication. It all comes down to the editorial calendars on different sites.
  3. Please include the following information when pitching me an article:
    • The availability of images
    • What time zone any sources you’re pitching are based in
    • The availability of any review copies
  4. It’s rare that I can join in on a pre-scheduled demo or call, due to my schedule.
  5. I’m always willing to honor concerns about the date information is released, but, depending on the editorial calendar, I may ask for a way to manage an earlier story without causing you trouble. I will not sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement.

Thank you for your consideration in following these guidelines.

Reprint Rights

Recently, I’ve received requests to reprint a number of articles that I’ve written, both for sites I own and for my clients. I am open to such opportunities, but it is important to note that for most articles produced for my clients, I am not currently in a position to offer the right to reprint the article online due to concerns about duplicate content. Please contact me to check the situation for specific articles.

To make matters simple, please list the specific article title of the piece you’re interested in reprinting and provide a link to where you read it. Describe the publication that you wish to use the piece in and whether it is a commercial project. For commercial projects, rates for reprint rights will be provided.

Advertising and Link Requests

At this point, I am not accepting advertising for I do not participate in link swaps or link sales. If you really, truly believe that I may be interested in linking to your site, you’re welcome to send me a link, but I may not respond. It’s best to explain why you’re sending me a particular link, because I really do get a lot of email and if I don’t see the connection quickly, I’m going to move on.

Guest Posts

With very few exceptions, I don’t accept guest posts for I consider this my personal blog, which means that on those occasions where I’m not writing the content, I’m going to hand pick who is. I am more open to running interviews.

Please do not add me to any mailing lists without my specific permission.

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