Enhanced Freelance — the Full Launch

You may remember that last month I announced the soft launch of Enhanced Freelance here. Well, I’m pleased as punch to announce that we’re now doing a wide launch. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up the first time around, we’re back!

What is Enhanced Freelance?

Enhanced Freelance is the result of my own experiences growing my freelance business. There’s just not that much information about how to move from a decent freelance career to a great one. You can use trial and error to figure out what techniques work in areas like marketing and project management — but it takes a damn long while that could be better spent actually working on projects for paying clients.

Enhanced Freelance is a resource that lets you skip the trial and error. Make no mistake — I’m not talking about a shortcut. You’ve still got to sink time and effort into creating your own freelance career and landing your own clients. But you can skip the trial and error: my partner and I have gathered the resources you need to focus on methods that actually work.

We’ve built modules that will help you explore different options for promoting and expanding your freelance business, including both written resources and worksheets. We’ve interviewed freelancers on the best practices they’ve found in their work. We’ve even put together a forum where we can help you with the nitty gritty of putting these materials to work for you.

The Details

Because we — my co-founder is the inestimable Jen Kentmere — want to put as much personal attention into helping members actually put all the materials in the site into action, we’re limiting subscriptions. We’ll only be selling subscriptions until October 21st.

The monthly subscription fee is $19, though you can probably guess that we would like to raise it in the future. We’re continuing to add more information, so in the future the price will likely increase. If you buy your subscription now, you’ll lock in the $19 per month rate.

Please, please, please, ask me any questions you’d like in the comments. I want to make sure that everyone gets all the information necessary to decide if Enhanced Freelance is the right resource for your freelancing business.

If you’re ready to buy your subscription, click here!

And, for the record, since we’re only selling subscriptions through October 21st, be prepared to see me talking about the site in this space for the next couple of weeks. If you know that it’s not your thing, we’ll be back to my regular discussion of business issues on October 22nd.

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