Who We Are (You and Me)

My name is Thursday Bram. I started getting paid for putting one word after another writing resumes based off a template while still in high school. I wound up writing for a few magazines at about the same point. I took a stab at a business degree in college and quickly realized that while I enjoy business, I wanted to pursue a degree that didn’t have everything set out in terms of right and wrong answers. I started writing full-time and found that I enjoyed business a lot more in the real world. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I make more money banging away on my computer keyboard than quite a few of the people I know who have ‘real’ jobs. I handle all my writing work through Hyper Modern Writing I also take on creative business consulting projects through my business, Hyper Modern Consulting. I’ve been known to take on a few speaking gigs, as well.

One of the differences I’ve found between the way I do things and the way some other writers do things is that I put a big emphasis in creating sources of income not entirely dependent on my clients. Don’t get me wrong: I like my clients and there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing a byline in a new place. But one of my fundamental philosophies is that there is a ceiling on how much you can make by chasing after clients. I’m just as much an entrepreneur as a writer. I might even be more of an entrepreneur.

What about you? I’ve got a few guesses as to why you’re here. You’re probably a professional who is earning money from your creativity — but you may be looking for how to increase how much you’re earning or move towards a business that can grow a little more. You may also actually like talking about the business side of what you do…I know I get far more entertainment from talking about taxes than any of my gainfully-employed friends do.

I try to find information that you’ll find interesting for this site. If there’s something that you’d like to hear more about or a question you want answered, let me know.