Working from home — with company

Usually, when I’m working, it’s me and the cats. While they can be a bit distracting, I can always shut the door. This week, though, my boyfriend has been off of work and having plenty of fun while I’m working.

He’s not trying to distract, but just the fact that he’s out in the living room while I’m working makes me want to ditch my work and go do something fun with him. You might say that I’m a little less focused this week, and it seems a bit rude to just shut the door on him.

The best bet for getting work done seems to make sure he has a project to work on at the same time. If he’s trying to get something done, too, I can focus on my work by telling myself I shouldn’t be bothering him.

And, as much as I love having him around, I’ll be a bit grateful when he goes back to work. (Not because I don’t love you, sweetheart!) It’s just that when he’s home in the evening, I can set my work aside and spend that time with him.

I know a lot of freelance writers deal with distractions — children, pets, roommates, etc. How do y’all handle your distractions?

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