Wrap Up — Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days

I’ve spent the last week recovering from writing 31 posts on marketing your freelance writing and fitting in an overall vacation. If you weren’t able to follow along in July, here are links to all 31 posts:

Day 1: Setting Your Goals
Day 2: Consider Your Services
Day 3: Identify What Makes You Special
Day 4: Review Your Website
Day 5: Review Your Marketing Materials
Day 6: Develop Your Elevator Pitch
Day 7: Request Testimonials and Recommendations
Day 8: Create A Blog For Your Website
Day 9: Add A Newsletter To Your Site
Day 10: Explore Your Niche
Day 11: Create a Job Board Strategy
Day 12: Plan for Querying and Cold-Calling
Day 13: Create Your Own Swipe File
Day 14: Develop an Online Identity
Day 15: Choose Your Social Networking Sites
Day 16: Join A Professional Organization
Day 17: Attend Local Events and Groups
Day 18: Go to Conferences
Day 19: Team Up with Other Freelancers
Day 20: Offer Resources to Your Clients
Day 21: Improve Your SEO
Day 22: Offer Discounts and Special Deals
Day 23: Advertise Your Services
Day 24: Build Your Expert Reputation
Day 25: Look at Marketing Materials Beyond Business Cards
Day 26: Create a Newsworthy Event
Day 27: Connect With Other Writers
Day 28: Prep A Side Project of Your Own
Day 29: Promote Your Work
Day 30: Compare Your Progress To Your Goals
Day 31: Make Marketing A Habit

The feedback I’ve gotten is incredible, and I’ve decided to go ahead with a full-fledged ebook based on the 31 posts I’ve written. However, I’m adding a lot more resources to the ebook. It’s already 63 pages long — and I’m pretty sure that I’ve got plenty more to add. I’ll be leaving the posts up, of course. You’ll still have access to the basics right here. But if you want more information on anything I discussed, the ebook will be a great resource. It will also be the only way to get a copy of the information I shared via the newsletter, if you didn’t get it already. I’m working hard to get it ready to go as soon as possible.


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