5 Sites to Find Freelance Jobs

No writer wants to spend hours a day sorting through Craigslist ads offering tiny compensation for big projects. But there are plenty of places that do a lot of the work for you, and make a freelance writer’s life so much easier.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs. I know I mentioned yesterday that Deb Ng’s site is one of the best, and I stand by that. Deb avoids low paying jobs and posts new job leads daily.
  2. The Golden Pencil.  Anne Wayman runs a great blog for freelance writers and, on a daily basis, she posts a long list of job leads, including a few for translators — if your freelance writing runs in that direction, Anne’s site should be your first stop.
  3. Freelance Switch. This site recently switched its job listings over to a new arrangement: employers can post jobs for free, but for full contact information, freelancers have to pay a small monthly fee. That said, it’s the only job listing site that I’m willing to pay for access to. As a rule, the jobs are solid.
  4. WOW! Women on Writing. You don’t have to be female to apply for the jobs on this board, you know. And they regularly have some jobs that don’t show up on any other lists.
  5. Craigslist. As much as I bash on Craigslist, I do check the writers’ listings for several areas each day. Which places do I check? The two big cities that I live in the middle of and my home town (I can occasionally take on projects for areas I know well without being physically present). I also check in on NYC’s listings, although I rarely find anything worth my while.

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