5 Tips to Boost Your Freelance Career

This post is a guest post from Kelly Kilpatrick. I think that she’s written several good tips here — though, I think a few of them are definitely best in moderation. Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your experience with us.

Earning a living doing freelance writing work has both its advantages and disadvantages – on the plus side, you get the luxury of a flexible job that you can do from the comfort of your home and you get to choose if you want to work or not; on the minus side though, it’s a pain when you have to apply and wait for the next assignment to come through before you start working regularly again. There are times when this uncertainty gets to you and you need to work hard to keep your spirits up. The following tips are designed to help freelance writers get the maximum benefits using their time and talent:

  • Work as much as you can: There are times when freelance writers find themselves with absolutely no work; and there are others when they’re deluged by offers and are forced to turn down some. The problem with turning down writing gigs when you work freelance is that these clients often never come back when they have other work to be done. Taking on more than you can handle is not advisable – you’re likely to stress yourself out and produce less than quality work, and this in turn affects your future contracts and projects. What you could do is ask clients for a week or so more on projects that do not need immediate delivery. This way, you’re not turning clients away, but you’re still buying enough time to get all the projects completed.
  • Get to meet your clients: Even though you work from home and can achieve the results your clients want through discussions on the phone and through email, it’s best to drop in at their offices once in a while and let them see the flesh-and-blood person behind the voice and the words. For some reason or the other, this not only boosts their confidence in your work, but also gets them to trust you more on a personal level.
  • Do what it takes to keep your clients satisfied: If you’re serious about earning a living doing freelance writing work, you must make sure that your clients are satisfied with your writing. There will be times when they may not see eye to eye with you over your work, when you think you’ve given your best, but they’re not satisfied. Instead of taking umbrage at their criticism, redo the project according to their wishes; after all, it’s their satisfaction that counts when you want their continued patronage.
  • Make yourself available at all times: When you work from home and are dependent on random job offers that come in from time to time, you must make sure your clients are able to reach you at any time during regular working hours. Don’t leave your phone switched off or unanswered, and even if you do, return calls and emails promptly to show clients that you’re dedicated and interested in their job.
  • Always find time for your regular clients: The new job may promise more money, but that is no excuse to refuse your regular clients’ projects. Neglecting your bread-and-butter jobs while aspiring for the high-paying ones is a gamble that may not pay off in the long run.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of online colleges. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot con.

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