6 Freelance Writers To Pay Attention to in 2009

When it comes to learning the freelance writing trade, the best way is to keep an eye on what the really successful freelance writers are doing. Even if you’ve been writing for quite awhile, you can get hints on new ways to make money, learn about new specialties and get ideas just by listening to what your fellow writers are up to.

There’s quite a few people on my radar when it comes to writing. I read more than a few blogs and make a point of checking out the various projects some of my favorite writers have worked on. Some of these writers I’ve met in person, some I only know through online connections and some I don’t know outside of the words they post online. I follow all of them just the same.

I always recommend paying attention to fellow freelance writers — and there are ten (in no specific order) in particular I think we should all keep an eye on in the coming year:

  1. Deb Ng: The blogger behind Freelance Writing Jobs has taken her blog and transformed it into a blogging network dedicated to freelance writing over the course of the last year. I check her site every morning and I started paying a lot more attention to some of the great shows on Blog Talk Radio just because Deb is the Community Manager for BTR.
  2. Allena Tapia: About.com made Allena their guide to freelance writing and it’s easy to see why. She also operates Garden Wall Publications and was the subject of an interview here last August.
  3. Jennifer Mattern: Jennifer is a great PR writer — I’ll admit that I spent a lot of time reading her samples on her professional site, ProBusinessWriter.com. I also enjoy her blog, All Freelance Writing (and I’ve already learned a lot from her current series of posts on flipping websites — you should read them now!).
  4. Kristen King: I first saw Kristen’s work when she was a b5 blogger, but she’s got several blogs of her own these days about: Sass-Pants, Meow/Bark/Blog and InkThinker.
  5. Anne Wayman: Another b5 alum, Anne’s been blogging about freelance writing for quite a while. Her site, About Freelance Writing, has more information about ghostwriting than I’ve found anywhere else — and I’m only expecting more in 2009.
  6. J.D. Roth: J.D. is a new addition to the ranks of the full-time writer. He made the switch to blogging full-time this year: his personal blog, Get Rich Slowly is an amazing personal finance resource that I truly enjoy reading. He doesn’t write about writing too often — but it’s definitely clear how J.D. manages his freelancing income.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorites with you, I hope you’ll reciprocate: what freelancers do you follow and why? Share names and links in the comments!


  1. Allena   •  

    Wow, you’re so sweet!

    I totally agree on this entire list and would add the women at Freelance Parent, because they’re just so darned disciplined!

    My plans for 2009 are to repeat 2008: keep at the print editors, and share it with the curious and new writers at About. I also teach writing and blogging at a local college starting this month.

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  3. netta   •  

    I was not surprised to see two of the people I follow on this list, and I’ll be checking out your other excellent recommendations. Thanks for the head’s up!

  4. Jen Brister   •  

    Those are all great bloggers to follow. I think I like InkThinker the most.

  5. Pete   •  

    Thanks for the great links – i’m thinking about freelancing more, so these will be some good folks to check out!

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