A few quick bits

First off, it’s Columbus Day, a holiday that I don’t observe. I’m of the opinion that it’s just a way for the federal government to balance out its extra days off a bit more. And since I am definitely not a federal employee, here I am, typing away. I’m also not very interested in celebrating Columbus’ ‘discovery’, since a lot of people had already noticed that there was a big honkin’ land mass around here somewhere.

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  1. Nancy   •  

    Right there with you on Columbus Day. Celebrating it is an insult to the indigenous people killed, enslaved, or otherwise abused by the bastard.

  2. Virginia Lee   •  

    Also the whole Columbus deal is basically a myth. He was by no means the first European on these shores. Feh.

    [small voice]
    But I admit, I did enjoy the one Columbus Day parade I got to see when I lived up in Yankeeland. They don’t do such down where I’m from.
    [/small voice]

  3. Kathleen Frassrand   •  

    Add my voice to the “why the heck do we celebrate Columbus day?” list. I don’t get it. He didn’t discover America (or at least not the US). He was an explorer… he didn’t exactly do anything completely amazing. I would think that the US Gov’t could find a more worthy soul to give one of our Federal holidays to.

    Here in Florida, the children still had school, but the banks and mail were closed. My hubby still had his office job. It didnt’ really feel like a holiday at all.

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