A Few Small Changes

You may notice that there have been a few small changes around this site. Most importantly, there are some new links along the right hand side: while they may appear to be ads, they’re actually links to several of my other projects.

  • Working Your Way Around the World is my book on on building a mobile career or business, due out later this year from Duffie Books.
  • Hyper Modern Consulting is one of the ways I’m working on expanding my writing business, by providing content marketing services.
  • Hyper Modern Writing is a blog project I’m working on, focusing on improving writing for the web.
  • Solo Mode offers t-shirts and unique fashion news.
  • Twitter is one of my favorite places to network with people.
  • My work appears on a number of other sites, and I make a point of adding links to my Friendfeed.

Keep any eye out here — I’ve got a couple of other projects in the works, which will be showing here in the near future.

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  1. Jaclyn   •  

    Wow, awesome changes. I don’t know how you do it all.

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