A Marketing Question

As a freelance writer, what has been your best marketing tool? A website? A podcast? A book? Please tell me in the comments.

For me, the best marketing tool I’ve found is this blog. Its usefulness has not necessarily been its readership — although I really do enjoy writing for fellow freelancers! Instead, the fact that I have recent proof of my writing skills for potential clients has won me jobs that I might not have gotten without easy demonstrations of my writing ability. While clips are fine and dandy, a client doesn’t necessarily have an interest in clicking links. Scrolling down is much easier.

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  1. Joe Ferry   •  

    As with any product or service, the most effective marketing tool is word-of-mouth referrals. I have a web site, I have plenty of clips, I have a blog. but the single most frequent call I get it: “So and so says you did some work for him/her. I need the same thing.”
    Think of how powerful those words are: simply by satisfying a previous client you’ve already accomplished the four rules of advertising — attracted attention, piqued interest, created desire and triggered an action. It didn’t cost you any extra time, effort or energy.

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