A Quick Word for Bloggers in Howard County

I have the pleasure to be one of the hosts for tomorrow’s HoCo Bloggers’ party and — if you’re in the area — I’d love it if you came by! The area, for what it’s worth, is Howard County in Maryland.

I’m co-hosting with the incredibly fantastic Amy Monteith and the equally fantastic Jen Kentmere. We’ll be at Ramshead at Savage Mill from 6 PM on and I already know a bunch of fantastic local bloggers will be joining us — so come on out and meet the other cool bloggers and blog readers in the area!


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  1. Jimi Jones   •  

    Please keep me in mind for a future such gathering. I am unable to attend this outing (previous engagement), but live in Owings Mills so this is local for me.

    I’ll sign up to your list so we can stay in touch.


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