Alternative Income Streams: Consulting

You’re a freelance writer, right? What would any one ask you to consult about?

A surprising number of things, actually. If a company is working on putting together some sort of publication, your knowledge might be worth a lot to them — after all, as a professional writer, one might expect you to be something of an expert on the topic of writing.

Furthermore, if you have some sort of niche — maybe you write solely about health topics, or maybe you write primarily for teenage readerships — your audience or topics may give you the credentials for consulting.

What does consulting take?

Honestly, consultants do such a wide variety of tasks that it’s pretty hard to nail down. A potential client might want to simply present you with an idea and get feedback relating to your niche. Or, a client might need you to take them through the process of preparing material for a particular audience.

How much does consulting pay?

As a consultant, you set your own rates, and you can set them pretty high. Think of it this way, your fee should include the amount of money you’re losing by not being at your desk writing, as well as the cost to get to the work site, your meal for the day, any necessary supplies and a little extra for profit. There are consultants whose time is worth quite a bit.

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