Alternative tactics to generating income

You’re a freelance writer, right? You spend all day chasing after contracts and jobs, which can be fun in it’s own way, but isn’t perfectly stable.  I’ve talked before about passive income, but today I want to try thinking outside of the box for ways to make money off our writing.

How can we use our writing skills to help us make more money?

A lot of freelancers feel the entrepreneurship drive, but want to expand a little beyond what they’re doing. Here are the first couple of ideas that came to mind, and I want all of your opinions, too!

  • Become a publisher of content, as well as a creator. I’m not suggesting that you try to compete with the local daily paper, but what about creating a website or blog if you see a niche?
  • Teach a class. There are plenty of aspiring writers out there, and if you write about a specific niche, you might be able to teach about that, as well.
  • Work with an agent. Agents don’t just need writers — they need readers to help decide on a manuscript, assistants for office work, etc.

Help me add to this list in the comments.

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