An Office to Go

As I moved my freelance operation to Colorado for a couple of weeks, I started thinking about what parts of my office have to go with me. I have a standard ‘go bag,’ but I need a few more things.

First off, I am dragging along my trusty laptop. It’s a Macbook Pro, loaded with CS2 and Microsoft Word – between the photo-editing, pagination and other writing-related activities I tackle, I’m grateful to have such a good little workhorse.

I’m packing my camera, and the associated card readers, cords and battery chargers as well. I may find a story that requires a little photography in my journey. In a pinch, I’ve also been known to use my camera as a scanner — luckily, that means I can leave the scanner / fax machine home.

I already use my cell phone as my business line, so I don’t need to worry about forwarding calls. Not to long ago, I broke down and got an iPhone. In an emergency, I can actually write on it. This blog post, for instance, was typed out on my phone while waiting to have the car serviced for our epic drive.

I’ve got an inverter so I can power my laptop in the car, and I’ll be setting up a wireless access point at my destination (my family has Internet, but wireless will make all of our lives easier).

Beyond my gadgets, I’m packing a couple of notepads and my preferred pens. I’ve also got a couple of books I need to review. I’m just happy all my reference materials are electronic these days.

Surprisingly, that’s pretty much my entire pack list.

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  1. Oktober Five   •  

    I don’t much take my office “on the go” but when I do leave home for vacation I definitely bring the laptop. Currently, I’ve got an acer aspire one, a very compact and great tool for internet and writing. My wife, like you, has a macbook pro, and it can do anything. I borrow it to play games :)

    The wireless access point is a great benefit too–I’ve done that.

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