Ask Me Anything, Edition 10

Heiddi Z asks,

How do you get through writer’s blech (not wanting to write at all)? It’s been 2 months for me.

I’ve had writer’s blech more often than I’d like to admit, as well as writer’s block. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all, but I can give you a couple of tips that have worked for me and for other writers I know.

  • Have a deadline: I’ve found that I have more willpower to sit down and start writing if there’s something I have to get done. If I’m just working on an open-ended project, I can just keep pushing it off. The closer the deadline, the better. Whether you’ve got a due date for an article you’re writing or a contest deadline, it can help quite a bit.
  • Start small: One of my mentors when I first started writing said that no matter how little you wanted to write, you can always get 50 words down on the page (especially if you are willing to throw them out later). Just sit down and write 50 words — you don’t have to like them, you just have to write them. She said that no matter what, she’d at least get those 50 words done every day.
  • Edit: Working with words can be enough to get another writer I know started. If she doesn’t feel like writing, she’ll start editing a past project or someone else’s work in order to get back into the mindset to write.

These are just a few suggestions. If any of you have ideas to help Heiddi out, please share them in the comments!

“Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days” went on sale this week, and I’ve already got my first review in. Susan Johnston, at the phenomenal Urban Muse blog offered up a great review. You can read it on her site.

If you haven’t bought your copy yet, you can find get it on the “Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days” purchase page.

I came across a great post this week that should be a must-read for anyone who is thinking about getting into freelance writing. Who Should Not Consider a Freelance Career, from Michael Kwan, points out that some people thrive better than others in the freelancing field. He goes over some of the signs that can help you discover whether it’s the right field for you.


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  7. Michael Kwan   •  

    Thanks for the mention. It’s true. The life of a freelancer certainly isn’t for everyone.

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