Ask Me Anything, Edition 11

During the launch of the Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days ebook, a website designer contacted me to suggest that I’m pointing to a lower-end website option with WordPress — especially since I recommend that it’s okay for freelance writers to use fairly inexpensive themes. He suggested that a cheap website cannot be professional and that freelance writers need to be prepared to spend big bucks on a professional website.

I strongly disagree with that opinion. My suggestion of WordPress stems from the fact that many freelance writers, especially those that are just starting in the business, really do not have the money to spend on an elaborate website. The designer in question does offer amazingly well-designed websites — but they have price tags in the thousands of dollars. I know that when I started out freelancing, I barely had a few hundred dollars to invest in my business and that money had to cover everything from a website to business cards.

Secondly, a WordPress-based site offers incredible room to grow. A freelance writer can not only manage almost all aspects of such a site on her own, but she can also learn to upgrade it relatively easily. Furthermore, many website designers can work with the owner of a WordPress site down the line when there’s money available for extras like custom designs.

It’s true that there are many WordPress websites out there that look virtually identical — but that’s not the same thing as unprofessional. It is generally preferable to have a unique design, but until you’re prepared to put thousands of dollars on the table for your website, it’s okay to work with something like WordPress.

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  1. Sam   •  

    Agreed. In my freelance business, I try to spend money only when it’s absolutely necessary. (I’ve learned this philosophy through sad experience.) A good design is great, but it’s the footwork you do to get clients, not the uniqueness of your design, that really counts. And WordPress rocks. Why not use it? I’m not trying to downplay the importance of design, but I really think you have to be careful not to blow all your money on superfluities.

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