Ask Me Anything, Edition 6

Mary Jo Campbell had a question about Google Alerts this week:

I have a question. My blog is set on Google alerts and I’ve been getting frequent search alerts for the link to my blog (the whole url), however, someone else’s blog is coming up as the found link. My name or site is not mentioned in any of her posts, but my blog is on her blogroll. Does anyone know why this is happening?

If you aren’t familiar with Google Alerts, it’s a tool Google offers. You add certain keywords, like your name, and receive an email every time Google finds a site, article or blog post including those keywords. I have alerts set up for my name, my websites and a few keywords that I write about regularly.

As to Mary Jo’s question, the reason she keeps getting new alerts from a blog with her site listed in its blogroll is that Google views each blog post on that particular site as a change to the whole site, making it seem like the whole page has changed to the software Google uses.

While there isn’t a way to eliminate the mentions of your blog on another’s blogroll, it’s unlikely that the site hosting the blogroll will actually show up very high in a search for your URL. I’d suggest typing your name and your website into Google (not Google Alerts) to see just what comes up.


  1. Christy   •  

    Editor’s note: ‘write about’ not ‘right about’.

    Feel free to fix the issue and delete my comment. I really appreciate your blog, and want you to get only positive notice from it.

  2. thursday   •     Author

    @Christy, Thanks for the head’s up. Editing my own work is always harder‚ I know what it’s supposed to mean, after all!

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