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Sara asks,

I have a question about finding contact information for websites. I suppose I never really gave much thought to who contributes the content to websites, but now I realize that writing for sites can be some nice extra income. The problem I’m running into is finding contact information for submissions. I’ve tried using the generic “Info” button or “info@…” email address, but I haven’t had much luck. How do I track down this hard-to-find info? I might be missing out on some additional opportunities–help!

It’s been my experience that a lot of websites already have a plan in place to create content. This can be both good and bad for freelancers: if we can become part of that plan, we can earn money. But if we aren’t part of that plan, it can be hard to convince a prospective client to add us.

Personally, I’ve had the most luck getting work on sites with blogs or newsletters — sites that routinely need more content. If a site is static and the owner doesn’t need to keep adding lots of content, it can be harder to get a good paycheck. With blogs, even if you can’t find more than generic contact information on the site, you’ll at least find the name of the blog’s owner. That can be enough to help you connect through LinkedIn or another social networking site. I’ve even contacted someone through a direct message on Twitter to ask for a full email address.

It’s not a perfect system, unfortunately. Sometimes the reason that a site doesn’t list any submission information is because they aren’t currently taking any submissions. IYou’ll never find out if you don’t ask, but be prepared for a fairly high number of negative answers.

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