Ask Me Anything: Higher Paying Blogging Gigs

Karen Kefauver asks,
Can you suggest where more seasoned writers like me may look for these higher end markets($100 a post? )? What URLS do you find these posts at? Or are they all word of mouth?

I mentioned recently that I receive $100 or more a post for most of my blogging work, despite having started out at closer to $5 per post. Finding those well-paying clients takes a combination of tactics, and, yes, word of mouth is a big part. When you’ve built up a reputation as a good blogger with great results (like links that hit the front page of Digg), you do get approached by higher end clients, as well as hear about better opportunities.

But there are opportunities out there that you can look for. There are many blogs with high traffic that buy posts on a regular basis with a solid price tag. Many tutorial sites, for instance routinely pay more than $100 for their posts. Big networks, such as CNET or GigaOm often offer high pay rates, as well. You’ve got a much better chance of landing high paying blogging gigs if you’re focusing on topics like business or technology. It’s significantly harder to find such work in topics like food.

It’s worth noting that these posts are usually longer, in the 1,000 word range, rather than in the 300 word range.

If you have a question about the business side of writing, leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer next week!

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