1. ElizabethQ   •  

    Is it true that to get a break into freelance writing one must rely on “who you know”? I used to be a writer, but stopped for a long time to raise children. Now that I’m ready to get back to the writing industry, I don’t have any contacts anymore and am having a hard time getting published.

  2. Whalen   •  

    I have an unusual copyright question. If I draw characters from a written story, can I sell or donate the images?
    I think a background story is in order. I do occasional artistic work, but I support myself through work at a middle school. It because painfully apparent during one of our finals that the kids had not internalized the race of the characters. (The race was integral to understanding the book’s plot.)
    So, I concluded that I would like to do some character art for my teacher. (I am support staff to the teachers.) Now, I know that I can draw these characters for “educational purposes” and give the art to my teacher. But, I started thinking bigger. What if I wanted to give a copy to every teacher at that grade level? What if I wanted to take a tax deduction for my donated work? What if I wanted to sell my materials to other schools? How do I find the information on which of these possibilities is legal?
    The book was published in 1990 in the US.

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