Ask Me Anything: Protecting Online Content

I had the chance to talk to a group of writers about promoting themselves online using blogs and other online tools. Katy Berube asks a follow up question,

I am sold on doing many of these things online. My concern is what happens to my content if these websites fail. I saw what happened to Magnolia (web book marking site) and understand that google notebook is no longer supported. If I put my whole life out there…how do I back it up? Am I crazy to be concerned about this?

That is a very legitimate concern — especially for writers who are in the business of creating content. For sites you control, such as a blog on your own domain, backing up your information is relatively simple. However, with other sites, it can be harder. In some cases, you can send information between sites (including to your own) so that you can back up information — that approach works with Twitter, Delicious and some other sites. There are also now several tools for downloading and backing up your social networking profiles. Most recently, I’ve seen Lifestreambackup — I received a free account in order to review the service for Web Worker Daily —which can backup Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and plenty of other sites. There are other tools out there, but I’ve actually used Lifestreambackup and know it to be reliable.

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