Ask Me Anything: Work Samples

Laura Renegar asks,

If asked for work samples, how many should you send?

My standard number for sending out work samples is to send three top-notch pieces, along with a link to my portfolio so that if a client wants to browse through and look at more of my work, he can. I try to make those samples as relevant as possible. If the new project is something of an odd duck or something that I haven’t done a lot of, I may only send two samples (assuming I only have two truly relevant pieces. If I don’t have any relevant work samples, I still send three, but I try to choose three samples that are as different as possible, so that I can demonstrate my adaptability.

For most of the projects that I work on regularly, I have set samples that I send out each time they’re requested. That way I don’t have to worry about the question every time I get it. I’ll update my samples every couple of months to show what I’ve been working on recently.

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  1. Clare K. R. Miller   •  

    Oh, this is something I’ve wondered about–what if you’re just starting out? Are academic samples appropriate, or should you write some things to use as samples even if they’re not published?

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