Best Practices: Bringing management to your writing party

The idea of ‘best practices’ is fairly simple: it’s a management theory that says that for every action you regularly take in your business, there is a way to optimize it and consistently get the best result. It’s more than just a business buzzword — it’s a way to evolve your techniques.

It’s also applicable to freelance writing, especially if you’ve gotten pretty hardcore about operating as a business. I think that one of the most worthwhile aspect of my best practices is that I have a reason to regularly think about what I am doing and how can I improve it.

So what are the standards of my business? What are my best practices?

I have a system for hunting for new writing opportunities. I have a little test that I apply to any potential job before I put any work into landing it. This practice allows me to shuffle through hundreds of ads in about thirty minutes each morning.

I have some set approaches that help me get through a given week’s work, that includes a complete devotion to my calendar — including my editorial calendar that I’ve established to help keep my personal projects (such as this blog) on track.

I don’t sink hours a day into thinking about this, though. I’ve got my routines and practices established and I only tinker with them when I think I can truly improve on them.

What actions do you do over and over in your writing time? And how have you tweaked them to improve your work? 

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