Blogging: Just a little extra writing

Is it, though? Is a blog just an extra paragraph here and there? It can depend on where you want to take your blog and how much effort you want to commit. For instance, if your plan to establish yourself as an expert writer on the topic of baseball, you may want to put in up to two or three hours a day, at least at first and if you need to do preliminary research. That sounds like a huge time sink, though. Think of it this way: marketing experts say that, for a professional on their own, it’s reasonable to commit 40% of their work day towards marketing.

But if your blog is just a place for you to comment on the day’s activities, and maybe earn enough for a cup of coffee through ads and donations, you can commit a minimal amount of time, especially if you write quickly and competently. How long does it take you to write 200 words and proofread them? Always proofread, by the way, especially if you talk about writing on your blog. You wouldn’t want an editor or other potential client to see any work full of typos, so why take the chance of posting it in the first place?

I know people who use their blogs purely as marketing, and others who use theirs as money making tools. And then there are people who simply use their blogs as a place to vent or to track progress. What do you use yours for, and why are you willing to commit time to it?

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  1. Bill Fullerton   •  

    “…especially if you write quickly and competently.”

    Okay, but what about those of us who write slowly and incompetently?

    The primary use for my blog is to have a presence on the ‘net where I can showcase some of my writing. And it’s paid off. A publisher recently asked for the manuscript to my second novel after reading excerpts on my blog.

  2. Rebecca Laffar-Smith   •  

    “The Writer’s Round-About” has multiple purposes. It serves as a showcase for my writing, a presence on the web, the chance to build my expertise in this topic, a way to develop readership and make important contacts and industry friends, and a commitment to writing to build the habit, responsibility, dependability and accountability. If I make a few dimes on the side (or even something nearing an income) it’s a bonus.

    I dedicate about three hours, three times a week to it. Of course, I write more than 200 words. *chuckles* If I can fit all my thoughts into 200 words I’d have cause to celebrate. Usually my entries are between 500 and 1000 words and some require more intensive research than others.

    “Kids, Pets and Family” is less time consuming since I only update it once a week but more challenging because I have to spend more time researching. That’s because it’s a topic I’m learning. I branch into what I don’t know, learn about it, and write about it. This blogs primary purpose is to develop an expertise in another topic in which I’m passionate and personally experienced. I dedicate pretty much all of Monday to that but I also use the articles there for other purposes (resell).

    Great, thought provoking entry! Blogging certainly isn’t just a few extra words for me. I don’t even count my blogging toward my word count. When it comes to non-fiction I count per article. Word count is reserved for my fiction.

  3. Nancy   •  

    Mine is mostly marketing, though I do make a little bit of money.

    I probably spend 3-4 hours a day working on blog-related things (e.g., posting, answering emails, site re-design, planning future posts).

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