Blogging to better your freelance career

It seems like every freelance writer has a blog these days, including me. In general, I think it’s a great idea. A blog provides a way to showcase your writing online, without having to code a website yourself or do a lot of complicated web design. A blog can also be a fantastic marketing tool and help you find work in the long run.

All that said, there are some aspects to blogging that just seem to conflict with freelance writing. Advertising is one of the biggest issues. If you are using your blog to market yourself, why would you detract from that message by adding someone else’s ads to your site? If your blog’s goal is to drum up business for yourself, the only person you should be advertising for is yourself.

It’s reasonable to want to monetize your personal site, but there are options beyond selling your online real estate, even if you don’t have a blog. Offering your services is just one way. Creating a product to sell is another. Do you have a specialty? Write an e book or teach an online course. Don’t limit yourself to selling other people’s products.

Blogs and these sorts of side projects can supplement your freelance income, although they can only rarely replace it. They can also act as a springboard to outside projects and act as fantastic examples of your work.

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  1. John Brougher   •  

    Totally agree, Thursday. Not to mention the fact that advertising isn’t going to exactly win you the mother lode of revenue, necessarily. You’re not sacrificing much, and you’re gaining a lot in design (has anyone ever made Adsense look good?).

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