Brochures and Other Marketing Materials for Freelancers

If you walk in to the average small business, there will be a stack of brochures on the counter. If you meet a small business owner at a networking event, she’s probably handing out brochures, business cards and maybe those pens with her business name printed on the side.

Why don’t most freelancers have their own marketing materials?

Plenty of us do our work on the side or otherwise consider our writing a secondary pursuit. It’s kind of like a hobby that we somehow profit from. But if you’re working on switching to writing full-time or want to grow your business, a little marketing is a must.

A website isn’t quite enough, even in this electronic day and age. Despite how many great job opportunities you can find online, there are even more opportunities at the businesses just down the street from your home. And those people are more likely to hire someone they know — like you! — than someone they find online. If you make it clear that you’re open for business, they may even recommend you to other people in the area.

How do I start?

Want to pick up some of those in-person opportunities? You’re going to need some sort of marketing material: while you can get a business owner excited about a new website and the awesome copy you’ll be writing for it, you’ll want something that you can leave behind to make sure that business owner remembers that you were there.

A business card can do the trick, if you’re sure that your new contact is internet-savvy and will check out your website. Unfortunately, that’s not an assumption you can make all the time, so it’s worth investing in a few brochures for your company.

Printing up a brochure doesn’t have to be hard, though. Go to a custom printing site — most have templates to get you started on your brochure (and even some other marketing materials). Add in some fabulously-written copy about your work: rates, testimonials and the like. Then print!

Let me walk you through creating a brochure with PsPrint, an online printing outfit who just happens to be offering 15% off on printing their brochures right now. All you have to do to set up a brochure for printing is go to their brochure printing page, make choices on paper, color and folding and upload your brochure file. PsPrints will mail your brochures directly to your door — you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas until it’s time to start handing them out.

You’ll Have to Make Your Brochures Work

Even with a great brochure, there’s one secret you’ll need to remember if you want to get a good response to your marketing efforts: you actually have to hand out your brochures!

Even if you’re just handing your brochures out to managers and business owners you encounter during your errands, you’re still doing better than those freelancers who don’t hand out any marketing materials at all.


  1. Lexi   •  

    I am a freelance designer. I totally agree with this article. I had business cards printed at for a very reasonable price. (Most people don’t have print material because they think it is expensive) Once printed I handed them out and noticed my networking increased tremendously! People were very impressed, not only with my design, but with how it appeared as if I “had it together” Handing them a card has a great first impression showing you are a talented freelancer who they most likely would choose over a person with only a site because they have an awesome first impression.

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