Catching Journalists on the Rebound

I received an extremely interesting press release from Suite101 last week: the company is reaching out to journalists who have recently been laid off and offering them an immediate job. While Suite101 does hire freelancers on a regular basis, they’re offering to jump anyone who has been laid off to the front of the line.

While I can’t imagine that most journalists will look at the offer as a full-time job, I think that it could provide a way to keep at least a little cash coming in while job hunting  a little freelancing to fill in the cracks.

To take advantage of the offer, writers must:

While I’m pretty confident that a lot of journalists will look immediately for online work, I’m not so sure how many will turn to freelancing. Online news media seems a little more resilient right now, but I imagine that many of the journalists in question had a reason for not going freelance in the first place. What do you think?

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