Constructively Productive: Teaming Up With Other Freelancers

As you might have guessed from my recent ebook, I launch projects of my own every so often. Sometimes, I have the opportunity to work on a particularly cool project with another freelance writer. I’m launching just such a project today, with the incredible Ali Hale. Ali is a freelance writer and operates her own blog, Aliventures. She also has an interest in creating passive income projects, as well — she’s the author of the Staff Blogging Course, among other things.

Constructively Productive

Ali and I both write about productivity on a regular basis. Both of us had some concerns about the perspectives that dominate productivity blogs and other resources. Those perspectives tend towards a macho, power-through-it mentality and, more often than not, aren’t as helpful as they could be to creative types (like writers). We wanted to bring more perspectives to productivity.

So was born Constructively Productive, the blog we’re launching today.

A Few Thoughts on Finding a Partner

I live between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Ali lives in London. We have different styles, different resources and different times of the day when we’re actually up and about. All that adds up to a great partnership. The time zone differences could have made for a problem, but we’ve managed quite well. We’ve had the opportunity to meet once in person (this spring, at SXSW), but all of the planning for this blog was done in Google Wave and with just one Skype conversation.

As the blog was coming together, I noticed one major benefit of working with a partner that hasn’t been present in the other projects I’ve done. I felt accountable to Ali throughout the whole process, just like I might if I was working for a client. That accountability kept things humming along at my end — not because Ali would complain if I hadn’t done the work I said I would, but because I would have felt badly if I didn’t get things done.

Reaching for New Projects

I like projects that let me try new things. Constructively Productive will definitely provide me that opportunity: among other things, it’s on a topic where I feel comfortable being a little more controversial. Even here, on my own blog, I try not to rock the boat too much.

Well, Constructively Productive will be rocking the boat. Our first big post is 36 Secrets the Productivity Gurus Won’t Tell You (But Our Heretics Will): it’s got advice from some very successful folks (including some amazing freelance writers like Deb Ng) that goes contrary to what many productivity experts will tell you. I hope you’ll check it out.


  1. Ali Hale   â€¢  

    It’s been great to work with you too — and a bit of a stretch. I’ve felt exactly the same about accountability; when I know someone’s waiting on me to get my bit done, it encourages me to actually move!

    I also think there’s an energy in collaborative projects that’s hard to replicate alone; we can get excited together rather than ploughing on without anyone in the world knowing or caring what we’re up to.

    We make an awesome team 🙂

  2. Kristina Summers   â€¢  

    Hey Thursday,

    Just came across your most recent blog entry on Brazen Careerist (I too am a fellow blogger in the BC network) and loved your ideas for what you are creating for this new productivity blog. I will be checking back to see the new blog. Looking forward to some great advice that will go against the grain.

    And completely off topic – love the name Thursday. Totally original. 🙂

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