Coworking Spaces: A Reason I Look for Excuses to Work While Traveling

I work constantly, including when I travel. Even when I’m heading somewhere to spend time with family, I schedule work. I’ve even been known to plan meetings in the middle of road trips — stopping off at a coffee shop with wifi that happens to be near the highway long enough to handle a conversation before getting back in the car.

In order to get some of this work done, I make a point of arranging for desk space in the local coworking space wherever I’m headed next (or for a spare desk in a friend’s office, depending on my options). I really don’t enjoy the various table and chair combinations most hotels manage to come up with and there’s an upper limit to the amount of coffee I can actually drink in one day, so coworking spaces are the logical option.

But I also seek out the opportunity to work in new places. There might be a bit of a chicken-and-egg question at play: do I find coworking spaces in order to do my work or do I make sure I have plenty to do in order to justify visiting a coworking space? I’ve found great stories to write about, given impromptu talks (and forced my husband to give a few of his own), and met people I never would have encountered otherwise. All that, plus wifi and coffee, are well worth the $25 that I usually end up paying as a drop-in to a coworking space far from my home.


  1. Michael Kwan   •  

    Have you ever considered signing up for a coworking membership so that you gain access to the Coworking Visa Program? My friends at the Network Hub put together a handy map for that:

    • thursday   •     Author

      I have! I’m mostly waiting for them to add more Midwest spaces at this point — there are just some gaps where they don’t have connections yet.

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