Customer Service: Where do you draw the line?

Just like every other service industry, professional writers have to offer up a little customer service to their clientèle. The obvious stuff — responding quickly to emails and calls, making customers as happy as possible — is pretty easy to figure out on your own. But there are some bigger issues to consider, like where does your ability to provide customer service end?

I think every freelance writer has been faced with a client who asks for a whole slew of changes after the project is ‘finished.’ Maybe they are fairly minor edits, or maybe it’s an entire change of focus for a piece. Either way, they’ve tried to argue that all that extra work is covered by their original payment.

A lot of customer service experts would suggest just doing the work to keep a client. I don’t know that I would want to keep that kind of client, personally, and I can’t say that I’d bend over backwards for them. Instead, I make edits a part of my original estimate and include just how many edits a client can get out of me in the contract, when I can. Just a little line about any edits beyond a certain level requires extra pay can work wonders on how much time a client is willing to waste.

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