Day 25: Look at Marketing Materials Beyond Business Cards

Lately, many freelancers focus on marketing their services online, keeping only business cards in the way of printed marketing materials. While such an approach works with some niches, not all editors and other clients are ready to do all their business online. It’s important to explore other printed materials and how they can help you connect with your preferred clientele.


Just as some websites serve as online brochures, brochures serve as an offline way to share information about just what you do as a freelance writer. Having a brochure can be crucial if you’re promoting yourself in a place where internet access is not ubiquitous. I know a freelance writer who’s based in Alaska: in her small town, there’s pretty much no high speed internet access. A large website isn’t going to help her too much when it comes to marketing herself to local clients.

A brochure can also be crucial if your target market is less technically savvy. I’ve helped several small businesses with their very first website, and at initial meetings, I’ve seen those clients get a deer-in-the-headlights look when I start talking about my own website.


With a postcard, you have many different ways to interact with potential clients. I’ve seen some writers use postcards as extended business cards — allowing them to explain a little more about their services than on a traditional business card. They hand their cards out at networking events, conferences and any other time they meet prospective clients in person.

But postcards can also be a way to connect with clients in a very different channel than you usually use. If you’re used to emailing clients about discounts, events or new services, contacting them through printed mail can be a change of pace. For many freelancers, marketing by mail does remain a once in a while option. Between the cost of printing and postage, it probably won’t be available to you for every newsletter and communication you want to send out — but if you have one very important announcement every once in a while, it can prove effective.

Other Marketing Materials

Online printing services provide low rates for a wide variety of printed marketing materials: calendars, posters, even pens. Which marketing materials are most effective for you will depend on your clientele and where you’re interacting with them. If, for instance, you’re finding that your best clients are coming from conferences, it may make sense to get some marketing materials like pens that can be added to a conference bag.

Explore your options: don’t be content with business cards just because that’s what other writers are using.

What marketing materials will connect with your target clientele best?

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