Diversify your portfolio

Diversity is the soundest investing strategy in the world, right? It’s what all the good financial planners tell you to do. It’s just as important in your personal portfolio — the one you use to get clients. 

Showing that you are capable of more than one type of job can get you get more work than you expect. Say you have the opportunity to work on a business’s newsletter. If they see examples of brochures in your portfolio, they may come back to you when they’re ready to put one together for themselves.

If your portfolio is varied, you have more options when it comes to finding your next gig. But how do you get those initial jobs, if you don’t necessarily have the experience?

I got my start on writing business materials for family — it was a reduced rate, of course, but I still got something. There are also non-profits always looking for help, and though many can’t pay, you can often donate your services and get a tax deduction — if you’re interested in grant writing, this can be ideal. Heck, you can write marketing copy for your own business.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of giving my work away for free, although many writers recommend the technique as the easiest way to build a portfolio. I’ve found, though, if you’re willing to start small, you can often still get some kind of payment.

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