Do Something Nice (And Get a Reward)

I’ve looked up to Liz Strauss for years: when I started blogging, she was already firmly established as one of the top people writing about business. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Liz at conferences a number of times and I’m always impressed by just how smart she is.

Liz is currently undergoing treatment for throat cancer. She’s written about dealing with that process — it’s a post that anyone working on their own needs to read. As entrepreneurs, health issues can be big problems. Even if you’re lucky enough to have great health insurance, you’ll need to take your hand off the controls at your business for a while.

For Liz, the process has been even tougher: she’s a professional speaker and a conference organizer. Throat cancer — even with a good prognosis — has a huge impact on a person’s ability to speak. It’s a tough time for Liz.

But Liz has spent years helping people online. Now we want to give back. There’s a fundraiser going on right now where you can support Liz. And because people are awesome, the fundraiser offers some serious opportunities to help yourself.

Read the whole post about the fundraiser, just in case I don’t do it justice. There are a variety of auctions going on (some of which don’t start until June 18), to raise money for Liz.

There’s a slew of one-on-one consultations available with folks who don’t usually make those sorts of offers, because they just don’t have the time. There’s a ticket to World Domination Summit, which has been sold out for eons. There’s even a guitar signed by all five members of Twisted Sister.

Go do something nice for Liz and, at the same time, help out your business.

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