Do You Still Send SASEs?

I gave up on sending out queries via mail several years ago. While I know that I pass up some good opportunities, I essentially ignore writing markets that don’t allow for online querying these days. It’s only in part due to my preference for keeping track of all my work on the computer. The constant upward trend of postage costs got to me quite a while ago.

I mention my unwillingness to send out queries via mail — as well as sending self-addressed stamped envelopes for just about anything — because I want to know if you still use the post office to manage your querying. Please share which approach you take in the comments.

It’s worth noting, either way, that the post office has scheduled yet another rate hike. As of May 11, it will cost us 44¢ to mail a 1-ounce piece of post via First Class Mail.

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  1. Liora Hess   •  

    I just saw a statistic (wish I could remember the source) that showed the vast majority of SASEs sent never return. Snail mail is slow. I would think most editors would prefer to get email for speed, organization, ease, etc.

    I took Clark Howard’s advice and bought a bunch of forever stamps from the post office. We’ll get a better return on our money that way than investing it right now!

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