Document Every Little Thing

If you want your business to grow, you have to know what tasks have to be done regularly, as well as have an easy way to tell other people about those tasks. It’s rarely enough to tell your new assistant to ‘promote a link on social media,’ for instance. You likely have specific sites you want to send a given link to, at the very least. If you haven’t hired a psychic, your assistant will have no idea which sites you want to work with.

Getting your business’ processes down on paper isn’t a particularly easy task. I recently came across a tool that may make things simpler, though. SweetProcess allows users to easily create step-by-step instructions, pulling in images as needed.

It’s a good tool, but you do have to build a system around using something like SweetProcess to make it truly effective. You need to create the habit of recording the different tasks you do, and then evaluating those processes to make sure someone else can take over for you. Very few of us have such habits; I know because I’ve been trying to build that habit myself. It takes an added layer of awareness of the way you work. Every time you do something, you have to think about whether you’ve documented the necessary steps already.

Actually using the check lists you build for your own workflow is also necessary; it’s easy enough to miss steps, even when you’re doing something you’ve done a million times before. Following a checklist regularly is the only solution. You’ll get the added benefit of knowing exactly when you need to update your processes.

If you haven’t found an approach to documenting the work you do, give SweetProcess a try. Just having a framework to follow when writing down your process may be enought to get the ball rolling.


  1. Owen McGab Enaohwo   •  

    Thanks Thursday for featuring SweetProcess on your blog. I’d be happy to answer any question that you and/or your readers have about documenting procedures. Just leave a comment with your questions and I’d be sure to respond.


  2. Alexis Grant   •  

    I needed to hear this today!

    SweetProcess seems genius. Have you heard of other products that offer something similar?

    • Owen McGab Enaohwo   •  

      Hi Alexis, there are other more complicated tools out there that try to solve the problem of documentation; for instance Quickbase by Intuit. At SweetProcess we make it simple, quick and easy for you to create procedures for your business and share them with your team. I am available to answer any questions that you might have about documenting procedures for your business so feel free to ask them in the comments. Cheers!

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