Editorially: A New Twist on Text Editing


Have you ever had the experience of using a piece of software that felt like it was built just for you? I had that feeling when I logged into Editorially for the first time.

It’s a web-based editing tool, where you can write documents as well as manage the editorial process. All writing is done using Markdown (which everyone already knows I’m a fan of) and you can invite collaborators to give you feedback or comment on your work. It’s even possible to pull out different versions and revert back to old ones. I could easily see using this tool to manage a lot of the day-to-day articles I write.

The export function is the only place where my Editorially experience felt particularly rough. While I’m perfectly reasonable about not being able to hook an editorial tool up to my content management system of choice (though it’s a feature I’d love to have), a streamlined export tool is absolutely necessary to me. Editorially’s ‘Export’ button saves a .zip file to your computer. That folder, when unzipped, contains both an .html and a .md (Markdown) file. I have to go through multiple steps to get a folder open to the point that I can dump the text I’ve written into wherever it’s going to go. Even just having a button that allowed me to choose one format for exporting at a time would move things along much faster.

Being able to copy text in various formats directly out of the application would also be awesome — especially if I could copy it in some sort of rich text / already formatted version. I work with a lot of content management systems and you’d be amazed what formats work best for submitting content sometimes. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a better process, but I’m going to make Editorially a mainstay of my writing process in the meanwhile.

And — just a note — I wrote this review entirely in Editorially.

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