Editorially Shuts Down

I’ve written about Editorially here in the past; it’s one of the best writing tools I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. There’s an explanation of what’s happening to the site on their blog.

Personally, I’m holding on tooth and nail — I wrote this post in Editorially, as it happens. According to the site, I have until May 30 to export my work from the site. I’m not waiting to do so, but I am delaying my switch to a different writing workflow as long as I can. There’s some tiny part of me still holding out hope that this is all a bad dream. Until I see problems with Editorially’s performance or the site completely shuts down, I can afford to drag my heels in choosing a replacement.

You should especially make note of the classy steps Editorially’s leadership took to help their team as the company shuts down. Not only does the announcement include information about how to hire Editorially’s team members, but Editorially’s about page has also been redesigned to allow the team to share information about themselves with potential new employers.

I’m currently looking at Typewrite and Draft as replacements, but I’m open to hearing what you’re using now or planning to switch to. Ideally, I do want a cloud-based tool that supports Markdown, but I’m not sure where I’ll wind up. I am leaning toward Draft at this point, though.

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