Emergency Plan: Catastrophic Computer Failure

We’ve all heard horror stories: the night before a project is due, a hard drive fails. Or a printer gives up. Or a computer just plan refuses to boot. It may have even happened to you.

As a freelance writer, your business probably can’t afford much time without at least some sort of computer. Considering these sorts of situations ahead of time can help you get back on track fast if your computer, or other equipment, quits on you. See if you can answer these questions — they boil down the crucial issues when facing a computer catastrophe.

  1. Who would you call if your computer needed some repairs? Are you relying on your computer’s makers for repairs, or a friend who fixes computers in his spare time?
  2. Is your computer still under warranty? Where’s the paperwork on the warranty, and who do you need to call for repairs?
  3. If you just need a machine to use in the short-term (i.e. your computer’s at the shop for repairs), can you borrow a computer, or at least use time on a friend’s or relative’s?
  4. If you do need to replace your entire computer, do you have enough in your savings — or enough room on your credit card, though I personally hate this option — to get at least a bare-bones computer to get you back to work?
  5. What are the absolute minimum requirements you need in a computer? You may be able to limp along with only a word processor and email access, or you may need something capable of running your photo editing software — but what do you have to have?

I know that if I needed a new computer right now, my finances would take a big hit. One of my goals is to get enough money into savings that I don’t need to worry quite so much about my business if my computer dies.

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