Emergency Plan: What do you do without internet?

In the vein of yesterday’s post on creating an emergency plan, I’d like you to consider a few other emergencies that could affect your work. One of the worst case scenarios for freelance writers can be losing their internet connection. You may be all ready to work, but if you can’t complete your research, email out your files, or post work to websites. What will you do?

The key issue with planning for internet lose is figuring out options for different hypothetical situations. What do you do if it’s the internet company? What about a power outage in your neighborhood? What if it’s just an issue with your personal connection?

While I haven’t written down a step-by-step response to an internet outage, I have thought about the situation and come up with some possibilities. For instance, if I’m only experiencing an issue in my apartment, I can go to the public library, only a few blocks away. I’m fairly certain that they use a different internet provider than I do, so I’m confident that I can deal with a problem with my provider.

For problems with a larger range, such as the entire neighborhood experiencing a power outage, I’ve made tentative plans to pick up and drive to the Panera’s across town. Their wireless access is all I need to get my work done, and they’ll sell me food to boot! I find this to be a fantastic arrangement.

What are your emergency plans? Have you thought about what you might need to do to work through a problem?

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