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If I’m haranguing you about establishing your own website, it’s only fair that I also show you a couple of examples of sites that I think are well-designed. I’ve included a little criticism, just to provide my opinion, but rest assured, I consider these sites top-notch.

Emma-Johnson.net: This site is very slick. It’s well put together and even after browsing around a bit, I didn’t see any glaring issues (you’d be surprised how many sites this is not true of). I would argue that there is an over-emphasis of clips: I think most writers should put a basic paragraph about themselves, with relevant background, experience, etc. Other writers disagree with me, and, for some writers with minimal experience, such a paragraph could be less than helpful.

Practicing-Writer.com (Erika Dreifus): This site offers help for writers, as well as marketing Dreifus’ abilities. It has a nice overlap and specifically targets one topic that she is able to write well about (writing, that is). It may not be an ideal site for getting the word about your services across to a wide variety of clients, though. However, for a very targeted demographic, it’s great.

JHMattern.com: There’s a definite Web2.0 feeling to this site. It feels very user-friendly, which is always important. My concern, however, is that the site may go to far in appealing to that modern aesthetic. For instance, the service list includes ‘link-baiting’ with only a minimal explanation of what that service is. Because you can never tell what sort of client will stumble across your site, you want to provide enough information to avoid any confusion.

KristynKusekLewis.com: Very well put together site, in my opinion. All necessary information is very accessible. However, since the writer has her own domain, I’d recommend strongly against hosting her blog on Blogger, rather than adding it to her own site. Hosting parts of your site elsewhere can reduce traffic on your main site.

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  1. Sheila Scarborough   •  

    Thanks, my Web site desperately needs a re-do at some point, so needed some good examples….

  2. thursday   •     Author

    Your site is easily navigable – one of the most important qualities a good site can have. Do you have any specifics in mind for a redesign?

  3. Sheila Scarborough   •  

    Well, thanks. It’s just this canned template because I knew I had to get something up and not wait for perfection, my usual failing.

    Too much white space, would like to have pretty color thumbnails or screenshots of magazine/Web site that has my article in it, then you click through the thumbnail to see it as it was originally laid out. PDF style layout with print stuff, and straight to the URL for online.

    I need to put more pictures up, the site is boring, and I think I can figure out how but haven’t gotten to it yet.

    The pub clips page loads from the bottom, so some of my good recent clips are in the middle or at the bottom. I think I can manually rearrange but don’t have time so I just live with it.

    I need to PDF the Navy stuff; they get a lot of hits and are available online but password protected for US Naval Institute members. Again, I just copied/pasted them originally to get them OUT there, but they looked much nicer in original print layout.

    Bottom line is that I’d love to hire someone if I can afford it. Email me if you’re interested. :)

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