FinCon and a Flash Sale

This October, I’ll be speaking at FinCon, a conference specifically for financial bloggers. I’m excited about the opportunity because I’ve blogged about personal finance on various sites since 2007.

I’ll be talking about how to effectively bring in bloggers to help you grow your site — the precise topic is “Building a Great Blog with Voices Other than Your Own”. Trust me, there are right ways and wrong ways to manage a blog with multiple writers and I’m going to get deep into them.

Interested in attending FinCon? There’s a flash sale on tickets running this Thursday and Friday — August 22nd, 8 AM CT to August 23rd, 11:55 PM CT. During the sale, tickets are $179. On August 24th, they go back up to $249.

Furthermore, I’m prepared to sweeten the deal. I’m going to offer hour-long consulting sessions while I’m in St. Louis. I’ve done the math and I can offer five of these sessions and still actually hear speakers. These sessions will be free to the first five people who buy their FinCon pass through my affiliate link.

>>This is the affiliate link!<<

Obviously, I’m going to profit from such sales — that’s the point of an affiliate link. But even if you calculate out the share I make as an affiliate, I’m only earning about $90 per consulting session. That’s $25 less per hour than you can currently work with me in any other way. But I’m offering these sorta, kinda free consultation blocks for two reasons: First, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to actually sit down in person and talk with clients. I miss it. Second, I’m hoping that I’ll get to know a few of you before I speak, so you’ll feel that you just have to come here me speak. I live in fear of giving talks where no one actually shows up, so I’m happy to offer a bribe.

Want to grab one of these sessions? Click the link and buy your ticket. Then forward me the confirmation email. I’ll email you what I need from you to prep for the session (like what website you want to talk about) and time slot options. Already got your ticket, but still want a consultation? Email me and we’ll figure it out.

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