Finding your niche

I’ve written about creating your own niche before, and there are plenty of reasons to work within only a few niches, rather than writing about every topic — you can become an expert on a topic, become more familiar with the material, and potentially earn more money. But finding a niche can seem daunting.

You can always write what you know: your hobbies and interests can make great fodder for articles. Many people are resistant to the idea of writing about what they do on the weekends, though. They don’t want to take the chance of burning out on something that they enjoy.

Personally, I think that the best way to find a freelancing niche you enjoy is to try out various types of writing. There are plenty of magazine topics you may enjoy writing about, but until you try writing press releases and corporate material, you’ll never know if you are comfortable with those styles. There’s no reason that you can’t simply try out various fields: plenty of organizations are willing to work with writers with limited experience.

How have you found comfortable writing niches? How did you wind up writing the material you work on?

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