For your convenience: Lijit

You may have noticed a new widget in my sidebar. I have added Lijit to my site in hopes of helping you, dear reader.

Lijit allows you to search a blog for a specific word or phrase, as well as the author’s other content on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn). You can also get results from friends of the author. The idea is that you get search results from people you trust, and their trusted networks.

I think it’s squiffy,* and very useful when you’re trying to find someone to interview on a given topic. I’d like to hear your opinions, though.

*Especially because the name of the site is such an abuse of the word ‘legitimate.’

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  1. Tara Anderson   •  

    Thursday, thanks for trying Lijit out. We’ve never been called squiffy and would like to think it’s a compliment. Any feedback (from you or your readers) is greatly appreciated. And if you haven’t yet, you should check out your Lijit stats page. There is always something interesting to be found there…

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