For your convenience: Thursday’s Market Watch

Oh, I am so about making your life easier this week.  Starting today, you have access to my market list — the markets that I hear about or run across.

Now, if you’re keeping a good eye on wonderful sites like WritersWeekly or Funds for Writers, you will have seen most of these before. And, fair warning: I make no promises regarding response times, expectations of payment and all the rest. Use any market information on this list at your own risk.

But why would I bother making this list at all?  Because all of these sites are simply bookmarks. They’re tagged, so if you want to look at only markets accepting articles about entrepreneurs* you can. If you’re a member of, you can also set up personal notifications for tags: if I tag a new market as ‘entrepreneur’, you’ll be notified — but if that new market is tagged ‘mice’, the system won’t bother you.

My personal profile is here. I’m also bringing the three newest markets to this sit: look at the handy dandy column on the right side.

*Or mice or engineering or diabetes or whatever.

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