Free Ebook: Time Management for Writers

The second of the four free ebooks I’m creating is now available! This ebook covers time management strategies that will help you make sure that there is room in your calendar for your writing.

I’ve written a lot about productivity (several of my clients have been productivity blogs) and, as a result, I’ve tried a lot of different strategies to make my work more efficient. Some have worked and some haven’t. This ebook represents what I’ve seen work over the years, including exactly the system I use. It offers a lot of information that will help you find the methods that work for you and your writing style.

I’d love to hear what you think of the ebook!

You can download all four ebooks at this link.


  1. Van   â€¢  

    Thank you for sharing this! I am off to read it now 🙂

    • thursday   â€¢     Author

      Please let me know what you think — if the ebook helps.

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  3. Jenn Crowell   â€¢  

    Thanks so much for this — I really need time management info!

    • thursday   â€¢     Author

      Glad to help. I’d love to hear what you think once you’ve had a chance to go through it.

  4. Debra Stang   â€¢  

    Thank you for the free ebook and the great advice. I made the mistake of accepting two huge projects with nearly identical due dates. So far, I’m on track with both of them, but I’m also about to pull my hair out. Time management is definitely what I need right now. Well, that and a handful of Xanax. 🙂

    • thursday   â€¢     Author

      Ouch! Big workloads are no fun (though the pay is usually nice)! I think you’ll be able to do it, though — possibly even without the Xanax.

  5. Marcelo Macedo (Brazil)   â€¢  

    That’s is gonna save me time.

    • thursday   â€¢     Author

      I think so. Please let me know if you have any questions — I know I use a fair amount of idiom when I write and I want you to get as much out of it as possible.

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  8. Lauralee   â€¢  

    As usual, wonderful and timeless ideas. Thanks!

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  10. Jen   â€¢  

    Hi Thursday, I enjoyed reading your ebook. I like how you give tips and explain your methods, but also how you stress that each person is an individual and needs to find out what works best for them. I particularly liked seeing your Writing Project Checklist. The items and suggestions you give would also translate well to managing more than writing. Thanks for providing useful content for such a great price. -Jen

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  13. Adrienne   â€¢  

    Oh dear! I got an error when I tried to download the book. Does this mean it is no longer available?


    • thursday   â€¢     Author

      It is still available. I’ve emailed you for further details to try to figure out the problem.

  14. Brooke   â€¢  

    I haven’t been able to download it in either IE or FF.

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