Freelancers Have A Real Health Insurance Option

You may now that I’m a fan of the Freelancer’s Union. They provide several options for freelancers of every kind to receive health insurance — and they’re taking it a step further. The Freelancers Union is creating its own insurance company to meet the special needs of freelancers in the insurance market. Among other things, FIC is putting a heavy emphasis on portability, allowing freelancers to move their insurance as needed.

So few freelancers have health insurance that it’s scary. Some of us have managed to pick up coverage through a spouse or by paying exorbitant rates. But FIC will provide a real option for freelancers in need of health insurance. It is a for-profit company, although FIC is entirely owned by Freelancers Union (a non-profit organization). In the paperwork establishing FIC, it’s made clear that the company is expected to charge enough to remain financially stable but not enough to make a significant profit.

More information is available through the Freelancers Union announcement.


  1. Carolyn   •  

    Did you take a good look at the 2009 plans and compare them to current coverage? Not everyone thinks the new company and its plans are the greatest thing since sliced bread:

  2. thursday   •     Author

    @Carolyn, Thanks for pointing out that site. I agree that FIC may not be an ideal option for everyone. I think it’s an important opportunity, just the same, and the fact that you’re working to improve that opportunity is great.

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