Get Ready For The Ebook: Your Marketing Will Never Be The Same

Tomorrow morning, the ebook of “Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days” will go on sale. This ebook is based on the month-long series I did in July, discussing marketing your work to increase your income. But there are some major differences:

  • The ebook is 65 pages long — more than double the length of the posts I shared with you in July.
  • The ebook has more examples. I’ve brought in examples from my own freelance writing career as well as from other freelancers.
  • The ebook goes much deeper into topics like how to get professional business cards inexpensively and how to offer discounts to your clients.

When I was first starting out as a freelance writer, marketing was one of the hardest things for me to get right. There just aren’t many resources that walk freelance writers through marketing their services. Sure, there are more than a few guides to marketing a small business — but a freelance writer isn’t like any other type of small business owners and that sort of information isn’t really right for us. I’ve brought together a huge amount of information, written specifically for freelance writers, that covers a wide variety of different marketing strategies. The ebook will be available for $13.

It’s true that not every marketing strategy in “Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days” will be perfect for you: some approaches work better for writers who focus on articles and others work better for writers who focus on copy. But the ebook also gives you the information to help you decide which options will work well for you.

This ebook is honestly one of the hardest projects I’ve ever worked on. From the research and writing to the editing, it took me quite a few hours to create this ebook. I think that you’ll find it incredibly useful.

Check back here tomorrow for the information on how to buy “Market Your Freelance Writing In 31 Days” — as well as a special surprise!

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