Getting Involved in Social Media: What Should You Be Promoting?

Social networking sites, like LinkedIn and Twitter, offer a huge opportunity to promote yourself and your writing services. But the techniques that a writer can use to promote herself on those sites aren’t quite the same methods that everyone else is using.

Promoting Yourself, Not Your Clients

Most social media users don’t have much choice in what they promote — they write their own blog and have their own website, but they don’t show up anywhere else on the web. By just promoting their own blogs and websites, they’re getting traffic exactly where they want it to go in order to draw attention to their products and services.

Writers, on the other hand, may have articles and other examples of their work popping up on a whole variety of websites. Typically, those aren’t websites you control — or you earn a profit from beyond your payment for your article. That means that generating traffic for those websites shouldn’t be your first choice. Instead, you want to promote yourself and your services.

This sounds a lot easier than it actually is. I write for a long list of websites and my first instinct is to post links to each new article of mine as it is published. I want all my followers on Twitter and all my friends on Facebook to immediately see just how amazing the new article I’ve written is. But if I post literally every link that contains some bit of my writing, I’ll never be able to get those people to pay attention when I really want to get attention for my own blog or my services. By the same token, if I do nothing but post about how awesome I am, they’ll rapidly lose interest.

Finding Balance

All of that means that you need to find balance. It may mean that you can’t pass around every article you work on, as well as your own blog posts and projects just because you can wear out your followers. But sharing your very best work (and maybe promoting a few articles and projects that aren’t yours but that you find interesting), with just a little extra emphasis on your own blog or website can let you connect on social networking sites. It is important to be involved, beyond promoting your own work, of course — but when you can promote yourself and your services, you should.


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    Enjoy the tips, balance is tricky. Thanks.

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